2016 Home trends, LED Bulbs & More

2016 Home trends, LED Bulbs & More

Black Stainless Appliances and Heated Entry Floors?

Before you begin your next renovation project, see what remodeling materials and concepts will be popular this year.
Basement Remodeling


Is It Time to Switch to LED Lighting?

LED bulbs have grown up. Save electricity and stop arguing about who has to change the light bulb. Get the scoop, this could be the time to make the change.

Fantastic Spaces for Our Furry Friends

From doggy nooks and feeding stations to aerial kitty walkways and screen rooms, your four-legged family members get their own space while adding a fun design feature.

 Integrating outdoor space.

The Most Creative Stairs You’ve Ever Seen

Statement stairs, colorful stairs, fun and funky stairs, these are stairs like you’ve never imagined them. These don’t just get you from here to there, they fuse design and engineering in new ways.

Warm Up with Quick and Healthy Soup Recipes

A hot bowl of soup, chili or stew is the perfect thing for a winter meal. But spring is around the corner and who wants it to have 1000 calories or take 4 hours to make? These yummy offerings won’t pack on the pounds.
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