2016 Spring Outdoor Trends, Activities, & More

2016 Spring Outdoor Trends, Activities, & More

Edible Landscapes, the Newest Trend

Adding food plants to your yard is beautiful and fun for the whole family. Choose an apple tree or a few lettuces tucked into the flower bed or a cascading cherry tomato plant on a trellis and enjoy the bounty of your own land!


Pathways, Walkways & Patios

The stone, wood or concrete in your landscape provide both basic structure and places for us to walk, rest or admire the ever-changing plants. The right materials, shapes and placement bring your entire property into a harmonious whole.

Screened Porch: 3-Season Living at Its Finest

A screened room is an outdoor oasis, allowing family and friends to enjoy nature without the annoyance of insects or critters crashing the party. Add a fireplace to warm up those cooler nights.


7 Spring Decorating Trends

Black and white is in! And what goes better with that than cool gray floors? Go for the big splash or just a few touches for a new look in the new season.

Great Hikes for Spring

Now that it looks like the good weather is here to stay, we’re so excited to get out and enjoy it! Breathe the air, stretch those muscles and connect with nature in these 9 local hikes. There’s something for everyone!