2017 Fall | Sustainable Tree Houses, Beekeeping and More

2017 Fall | Sustainable Tree Houses, Beekeeping and More

Did You Know?

I’ve been an organic beekeeper for almost 10 years. I want to encourage all our friends and clients to enjoy the benefits of local, raw honey. With the fall honey harvest at its peak, now is the time to visit your farmers market or specialty store to share this taste of fall. Drizzle it on apples, yogurt, in your coffee or tea. Use it to sweeten almost anything. The article below lists the benefits of raw honey but beware, not all honey is created equal. Local raw honey is proven to be much better for you than pasteurized supermarket honey that may not even be 100% real honey. (Note: children under the age of 1 should never be given raw honey.)


For me, beekeeping has been a wonderful hobby. For anyone looking to get involved, the two local organizations I have found most helpful are listed below, or feel free to give me a call.

Have a sweet fall and happy new year!


Keeping your parents close with a Granny Pod

Do you have an aging parent you want close by but you both need your own space? Adult offspring returning to the fold? Need a quiet office? Extra guest room? A pod in the yard could be the answer!

Shopping Mall to Micro Homes

What does the future hold for struggling shopping centers? America’s oldest mall has converted into fantastic tiny lofts and there’s a waiting list to get in.
 Mall Micro Lofts in Rhode Island

The Tree House of Your Dreams

Admit it – you’ve always wanted a tree house! Here’s some sustainable options to inspire you.

Raising Chickens of Your Own

Are you a locavore? You can’t get more local than your own property. Make it a family project and raise chickens for the eggs, the responsibility and the fun! As an extra benefit, they eat ticks (though guinea fowl are even better at it).