2018 Winter | Your SMART Home Holiday Wish List

2018 Winter | Your SMART Home Holiday Wish List

Ho Ho Home for the holidays takes on new meaning with SMART technology! Sure, there are always sweaters for her, ties for him, and kids never tire of Legos…but today’s savvy shoppers know the most sought-after gifts start at home; we’re talking home tech improvements that go room by room to make a comfier, cozier, happier place for the whole family. Here are a few ideas from our list to yours – enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Keeping up with the Kitchen

Kitchens, historically the heart of every home, are now a lot brainier too. Cool new gadgets and updated appliances are the foundation of SMART kitchen technology; great ways to help everyone from newbie cooks to top chefs perfect their meals from planning through cooking to clean-up.

From Basic Bathroom to Spa-like Sensational

Whether it’s warming trends for cold toes and tushies, or soothing mood lighting for a relaxing bath or shower at the end of a long day/week, SMART bathroom trends mean your staycation just got its own destination spa too!

When Play’s the Thing – Home Theatre/Media/Entertainment

We love a fun night out at the movies, but SMART home theatre options mean home viewing is now just as awesome! Large screens, surround sound audio, comfortable seating…bring on the popcorn and we’re ready for close encounters of the latest Netflix/Hulu/Amazon kind.

Mall Micro Lofts in Rhode Island

Laundry Room Chic – Yes, It’s a Thing

Airing dirty laundry in public? Such a no-no. But showing off your trendy new laundry room is a definitive yes-please! Start with the latest in SMART washing/drying technology, then reconsider your cabinets, color palette and accessories.

All Aboard the NYBG Holiday Train Show

While the New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show takes us back to a kinder, gentler NYC, it actually takes up-to-the-minute technology to pull off a production of this magnitude. What a marvel of old-world meets new-world magic! Take the kids, or explore Adults-Only Bar Car Nights.