• We believe that the key to a successful project is organization and scheduling—and this is what we do best, for all aspects of your project.
  • We meet with the homeowner to review site, scope of work and budget.
  • All necessary subcontractors come to the site to evaluate existing conditions and estimate project cost as well as to scope out potential areas of concern.
  • You will receive a very detailed cost estimate for your project, broken down by section. This will list all materials and work to be performed, ensuring no surprises in regard to costs or materials.
  • We provide timely estimates (generally within 2-3 weeks)
  • If required, we will utilize “value engineering” to rework the project cost to fit your budget. We will provide a list of cost, material and or scope reductions to help you achieve your desired cost savings.
  • Sunrise can provide lead and asbestos removal referrals, if needed
  • You will receive a customer selection sheet that lists all items needed for your project with our veted list of suggested vendors so you can make selections.
  • We will confirm selections, order and guarantee all items
  • Sunrise will manage and supervise project both on-site and in office.
  • Our production manager and crew will remain on your job through completion and are accountable for all aspects of the project
  • We prefer to schedule weekly site meetings with you and your architect or designer if there is one.
  • Our office personnel are knowledgeable about your project and available to speak with you. Someone is ALWAYS here to answer your call aprox. 7am-6pm.
  • Sunrise handles scheduling and supervision of all subcontractors, material and delivery dates, required state and local inspections and work completion inspections/sign-offs.
  • We will inspect all delivered materials ordered by contractor.
  • We maintain timetable, budgets and timely billing.
  • Provide written and signed change orders, prior to starting work, to avoid potential miscommunications. No work is done until homeowner receives written cost estimate and signs off on additional work authorization.
  • We strive to maintain positive relationships with all past clients, many of whom are repeat customers and are our best source of referrals.
  • All of our work carries a one-year warranty.