Basement Remodeling & Home Improvement Tips


Basement Remodeling & Home Improvement Tips

The Endless Possibilities of Your Basement

We’re going to spend much of the next few months indoors. Feel like you need more room? Have you thought that finishing the basement might help? Check out these great ideas.
Basement Remodeling


Clearing the Clutter

Now that we’re spending more time indoors, feeling good about our space is key. Marie Kondo’s 2015 best seller tells us to gently let go of anything that does not “spark joy.” Will it work for you? If so, you can check out NBC’s new TV comedy based on the book.

Prevent Water Damage This Winter

Outside faucets have been drained and turned off, but are your interior pipes protected? Taking the time to insulate any exposed pipes is a good investment. You’ll save money on your fuel bill and prevent any burst pipes when the temperature drops.

 Integrating outdoor space.

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Gutters: It’s All About Water Management

Clogged or broken gutters can create a repair nightmare if they’re not taken care of. Now that the leaves are down, it’s time to get out the ladder or hire a professional. Please be careful!