InTown Westchester, Oct 2008

InTown Westchester, The Home Issue

Do You Need a Kitchen Designer? The answer may surprise even you.

By Mary Lynn Mitcham

The Messers’ Kitchen

The Mission: To Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen with a Hamptons Beach Feel

 “Hillary Messer has a sweet tooth. And you need only walk into her beach-house style kitchen for proof. Four glass candy-drawers—one stocked with Starburst, one with Mike and Ikes, one full of bubble gum, and one a mix—are tucked into the wall near the sink. Along with the high ceiling, sunlight beaming in through oversized windows in almost every wall, and a brick fireplace that cozily separates the kitchen from the living room, the help make this luxurious space more her own. Of course, the kitchen wasn’t always so idyllic. When the Messers, who own Sunrise Building and Remodeling in Briarcliff…”




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