Man Caves and More

Man Caves and More

We Need Our Own Space

A place for an activity we enjoy, decorated the way we want, with no interference and no compromises. A retreat where we can go to recharge the batteries. All mine.
Man Cave

Today’s Men Do More Than Grill

Father’s Day is coming up, and no one likes cooking outdoors more than dad. Expand that grill area into a kitchen and bring out his inner chef.

Integrating Outdoor Space

The right windows and doors can form a seamless connection to your surroundings. See these 11 ideas on transitioning with style.

 Integrating outdoor space.
Farmers market produce.

Fiddlehead Ferns, Anyone?

Shop your local farmers’ markets for early produce, flowers, honey and other artisanal products while supporting our local farms. Bring the kids, meet a friend and enjoy being outside.