Fireplace Remodeling & Winter Safety Tips

Fireplace Remodeling & Winter Safety Tips

How Heated Driveways Work

Does your back hurt before the first snowflake has even fallen? Save untold hours of back-breaking labor with a heated driveway. Extend it to your walkways as well and stay safe!
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Is It Time to Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

Fall is the time to clean chimneys for both wood burning and gas fireplaces. Enjoy the warmth and crackling flames in a clear, safe and sound setting.

The Fireplace of Your Dreams

Just looking at crackling flames makes us feel warmer. Update an existing fireplace or add a new one. Gather around with family and friends and enjoy the season!

 Integrating outdoor space.

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While We’re On Safety: Dryer Vents

We know it’s not a sexy topic, but dryer vents are a leading cause of preventable fires in the home. Take a few minutes now to avoid trouble later.

Family Fun: Apple Picking!

Take advantage of the last of the fall weather, support your local farms and get some great photos for a lifetime of memories!
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