The Journal News, Sept. 2004

Cape Crusaders
You don’t have to look far to find people in the northern suburbs who are modernizing the look and feel of their Cape Cod homes

By Shayna Finck

Eric Messer, owner of Briarcliff Manor’s Sunrise Building and Remodeling, says the second floors of these capes don’t have enough headroom “They have these small dormers with steep pitches and they make, by today’s standards, awkward bedrooms”.

“For one of our clients, the living room in their house was a small, more elegant space, and what they needed was a large, comfortable room more conducive to the needs of a young family. The solution was to add a 22-foot by 19-foot room off the kitchen/breakfast area with wood burning fireplace, bay window, and French door connecting it to the kitchen, which solved the spatial problems as well as increasing the amount of natural light on the first floor”.

“We did this without ever touching the front of the house. So the house looks the way it used to look” said Messer.
According to him, retaining the cape’s outward appearance is important to many owners.

“They wanted to keep the feeling of the cape. It’s a very desirable look. It looks quaint. It doesn’t look like a “MacMansion”, but what you want to able to do is be able to walk into a cape and have the back open up and be wonderful, because cape’s always face the street: and while they look nice, they don’t offer enough space and light”