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When it’s time to add some warmth and character to your kitchen and yes, even to your bathroom, wood Countertops are a great choice. The most important considerations are proper sealing and choosing the right type of wood for each location.

There are many different types of wood, like teak, butcher block, walnut, maple and cherry to name a few. Each one can create a unique atmosphere for your home and offers specific qualities that may make them ideal for your lifestyle.


  • It’s natural, readily available and sustainable: from appearance to feel, wood offers a certain inherent comfort.
  • It’s quieter to work with: less banging and clinking when pots or glassware are placed on it (and breakage is less likely if glasses or other items fall).
  • Variety: there are numerous choices, from species to color to finish options
  • Easy installation: a carpenter can quickly and seamlessly install your wood countertops in less time than most other materials, like stone or marble.
  • Flexible Styles: Can be used in both modern and traditional kitchens and baths.
  • Naturally durable and resistant: Many types of wood are naturally resistant to heat, foods, and even bacteria when properly sealed.
  • They can be refinished: scratches, gouges, even burn marks can be sanded out and restored.



Even with so many advantages, there are still some considerations to keep in mind.

  • They require maintenance. Unfinished wood counters need monthly oiling. Factory finished sealed surfaces may require refinishing every five years or so. Though some may appreciate the added character, wood counters do get scratched and gauged.
  • They Can be damaged by standing water. Liquids can penetrate wood, causing stains, cracks, and joint separation—vinegar can actually dissolve glue—so spills, especially water around the sink, should be wiped up right away.
  • They Can Burn. Be sure to check with your stove manufacturer to be sure you meet required clearances with ovens, ranges and cooktops. Always use a trivet to prevent scorched countertops.



Care and attention to wood countertops can make them last for years to come. Daily tasks simply consist of standard cleaning and keeping wood reasonably dry. Wood can be refurbished by a professional carpenter and should also, as previously mentioned, be oiled roughly every four months.
Whether you are considering classic cherry or more contemporary butcher block, there’s likely a perfectly suited wood countertop choice out there for you.