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Westchester Remodeling

Westchester NY Remodeling Services

If you’re looking to have your home kitchen, bathroom, addition or exterior remodeled, you’ve come to the right place! In fact, Sunrise Building and Remodeling can handle all your home remodeling needs.

At Sunrise Building and Remodeling, Inc., we understand the importance in finding the right contractor that will work with you every step of the way during your project. We’re proud to have provided over 35 years of excellence to our customers and look forward to providing you with the same level of service.

Westchester Remodeling Process

It all starts with your vision. Our contractors will work with you to bring your vision to fruition, ensuring that it meets your space requirements and budget. We give special attention to every detail and offer thorough breakdowns of cost estimates to eliminate surprise costs and provide transparency with each project.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Sunrise can help you bring your dream kitchen to reality! This isn’t just a great way to create a space that everyone can enjoy and cook memorable meals from, but remodeling your kitchen is also a solid investment in your home. We work with elite designers and architects to ensure your personality shines through in your kitchen remodel and that it is tailored to your needs. Read more on our Kitchen Remodeling Page.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathrooms are one of the most trafficked rooms in a home and play a huge part in your home’s value. Whether large or small, Sunrise Building and Remodeling, Inc. can assist you in your bathroom remodeling project. There are many factors to consider with a bathroom remodel–such as when to do it, how long it will take, and what will do into it–and we’ll be there with you every step of the process to get you a bathroom that perfectly fits lifestyle and needs. Want to know more about Bathroom Remodeling? Check out our Bathroom Remodeling Page here.

Addition Remodeling Services

Home additions are a great way to add square footage to your home, create a more flexible living area or one for a specific task, or upgrade a space for aesthetics, relaxation and enjoyment. This can include sunrooms, attics, basements, room extensions (kitchen bathroom, family room, etc.), conservatories, screened porches, and so much more. To learn more about Additions Remodeling, check out our page on it here.

Exterior Remodeling Services

There are many options available for your outside space and it can be somewhat overwhelming. Sunrise can help you make sense of the materials, cost estimates, space requirements and all the other details that go into your project, so you can transform your outside space to meet your lifestyle needs. This can include decks, patios, pools, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and more. Find even more details about Exterior Remodeling Services here.

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