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Your deck or patio can often be the highlight of your home for everything from entertaining friends and family to enjoying quiet relaxation in the privacy of your own backyard. Navigating all the options for decking designs and materials can be overwhelming, but with 35 plus years of home renovation experience, Sunrise Building & Remodeling can help you pick the optimal outdoor solution that appropriately fits your lifestyle. The best news is that your new deck or patio adds additional living space to your home at a fraction of the cost of fully enclosed living areas.

Planning a successful deck requires careful consideration of your site, budget and features you want to include. How does the deck meld with the architecture of your house, how does the deck fit in with your backyard, can you make a smooth transition from your home onto the deck?

Westchester Decks & Patios Remodeling Process

The best place to start with your new deck or patio is with choosing a material. There are a plethora of different materials available, with popular choices, such as: pressure treated lumbers, composite decking, concrete & stone, and even aluminum. All of these options have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability, and aesthetic. The next big decision should be the location and layout of your new outdoor space. Is the deck/patio attached or detached? How can your available space best be utilized? Finally, the functionality of the outdoor addition should be considered. With options like built-in grill stations or pool installations, there’s endless possibilities and potential for how your outdoor renovation can add to your home.

Sunrise Building & Remodeling will be with you every step of the way to offer insight and help you make the best, well informed decisions that meet your budget, timeline, and lifestyle needs.

Deck & Patio Materials & Installation

Deciding on a material helps to finalize the look, feel and full potential of your outdoor space.

If going for a more traditional look and feel, wood is the ideal choice. Redwood, cedar, and tropical variants of lumber are popular, durable choices, offering longevity with a natural resistance to things like weathering and pests. However, the primary downside to these types of woods are their expensive costs — though many consider them to be well worth it.

A more contemporary and often more affordable option to consider for your outdoor renovation project are composite materials. Composite materials are durable and require far less maintenance and upkeep than wood, costing less overtime. Made from recycled materials, composite decks often have features like UV protection, are scratch resistant, and won’t split/crack, though they still can be damaged and aren’t entirely weather resistant.

Alternatively, you may opt to use concrete or stone (pavers, brick, gravel, etc.). Opting to go this route is affordable and a common selection for outdoor renovations. Concrete and stone effectively capture natural aesthetic and are very resistant to weathering and daily use, although they can crack and chip.

A newer, extremely contemporary material for your outdoor space is metal (aluminum). Aluminum trumps other materials in terms of resistance, durability, and strength — however, it is far more expensive.

Sunrise Building & Remodeling contracting professionals will be able to assess and work with you personally to plan out the right outdoor project materials. Our contractors are experienced experts, able to install your new outdoor space properly ensuring you get the most of your investment for years to come.

You can find more information about deck and patio materials on our Westchester Remodeling Blog.

Pools and Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Nothing adds excitement or tranquility to an outdoor space like a pool. Pools can be installed in-ground or above, and even have your patio built in around them. Popular options for pools are concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass, all having different benefits. For example, fiberglass pools are considered to be the most durable and lowest maintenance, while concrete and vinyl pools offer more customization.

Another way to add character and functionality to your outdoor addition, is with an outdoor kitchen or grill space. Outdoor kitchens offer a great way to entertain guests with ease and minimal cleanup. Many cooking options are available, such as: gas/charcoal grills, outdoor stoves, and fireplaces. Outdoor kitchens can also be equipped to keep food and beverages cold, with refrigeration, ice makers, and wine coolers.

Patio Sun Rooms and Enclosures

Sun rooms and enclosures let you enjoy natural lightning and scenic views from temperature controlled, insect resistant, and weather proof environments. With options like screening, glass, and skylights, you can customize your outdoor space to specifically meet your desired needs and preferences.

Let Sunrise Building & Remodeling help you create your perfect outdoor space that meets your expectations and budget by contacting us today.
Our Outdoor remodels can be stand-alone projects or part of a larger home renovation. In fact, Sunrise Building and Remodeling can handle all your home remodeling needs including Bathrooms, Additions, Basements, Game Rooms, Wine Cellars, Gyms, Siding, Roofing, and Windows.